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Discover your loft space

Where ever we go nowadays you can’t help but spot those big warehouses with ‘safe self storage’ plastered all over the outside. Storage space is valuable – we all have a lot of precious belongings we want to keep, but often nowhere to store them.

More Than Loft Ladders can create safe storage space so local that it’s only a step (technically a few steps) away.  Over your head – in your loft.

Many people use their garden shed for storing the things they can’t throw away and want to keep close.  And while the shed is in some ways perfect – after all its nearby – there are drawbacks.  Sheds are at the mercy of the weather and not built to the standard of your home, which can lead to damp and the things you keep there becoming damaged.

So what’s the alternative? By installing a loft ladder, some boarding and a light, the space over your head suddenly becomes as easily accessible as the shed in your garden.  But its drier, bigger and safer for keeping those precious memories.

More Than Loft Ladders can install the perfect ladder for your needs – wooden loft ladders, aluminium loft ladders even telescopic loft ladders if space is limited.  We can enlarge existing hatches, create new hatches and install low maintenance PVC hatch covers.  We’ll put boarding down in the loft so you can move around easily once you’re up there – and we install on raised battens so as not to compress your insulation. We even fit a light so you can easily see what you want when you’re up there. So all of a sudden, you’ve got loads of safe, dry and useful storage space just a few steps away – over your head.

Creating a well organised loft space also gives you the benefit of being able to declutter your house, keeping only things you use on a day to day basis downstairs, popping the things you want to keep but don’t use often, in order, out of sight.


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