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Free classes

Free classes Mon – Fri, Morecambe, LA3

According to the British Health Foundation (2007) only 35% of men and 24% of women are taking the right level of exercises. 58% of women and 65% of men in England were overweight or obese (2014). You may tell it doesn’t matter how do we look like, people should value us for who we are and I agree. Therefore the aim of exercising is maintenance of the right wellbeing level, including mental health. Starting regular exercises will help you to maintain homeostasis and feel better.

As part of my social campaign, I wanted to invite local community to join the 30 min classes in Regent Park, Morecambe, LA3, 6 AM Mon – Fri. Take your own equipment: dumbbells, sandbags, etc. Whatever you can carry! Possessing equipment isn’t obligatory as the exercises may be also made without weight and they will still make impact. Class is addressed for beginners – intermediate. Please seek your medical advice before to join, no data of the members will be taken during the event, instructor is not responsible for incorrect use of equipment or for members joining the class without consulting them health with them GP. You should be insured to join the class, as instructor won’t be responsible for any accident during the class which you will agree as you join. There is no fee and never will be taken from the participants. Class is organized as part of charity addressed to the local community and may be understood as peers meeting rather than class known from the gym.

Class won’t stop over the winter, snow and rain also isn’t indication to stop the class 😉

Your instructor

Elizabeth Martin

Scientific writer, researcher and practitioner.

Dip. Kinesiology, Dip. Sport Massage, Dip. Personal trainer, Cert. Healthy back and spine pathologies, Pilates mat I, Dip. Pilates teacher, Cert. Psychophysical exercises, Modern form of gymnastics, Bodybuilding.

Who is this class for?

  • All ages – 1-99+
  • All genders, religious, cultures, skin colours and also for disabled – the exercises will be modified to meet your needs,
  • For slim and a bit bigger
  • For pessimists and those who are not treating the life seriously
  • For mums and dads, aunties and cousins
  • For beginners and intermediate, class will be moderate difficulty and you don’t need to do the exercises which you will feel are not for you.




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