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Contact: Peter Wood

email: [email protected]

With the advent of Covid-19 pandemic Protectal responded with:

Biosecure Cleaning: We offer a unique bio-secure cleaning service that goes beyond the basic principle of a deep clean service for large areas and public spaces, that will offer assurance and peace of mind to your services users and staff.

Rapid mobilisation of PPE production and shared designs, (masks, visors, disposable gowns).

  • Brought small business’ and independents together to produce, coordinate and deliver items across the UK.
  • Supplied over 10,000 PPE consignments of various sizes from 5 to 200 items in each to the NHS, Ambulance Service, Care Homes, Halifax Bank Virgin Money, Home Bargains, Benefit Mankind, Marie-Curie, St Johns Hospice amongst many of the recipients.
  • Provided equipment that has ensured 12 schools were opened for provision of services for vulnerable children, in summary, this meant children were assured of at least one-meal a day.

Freedom Visors

  • A durable and re-usable face shield designed for personal protection
  • Full face protection, (above, below and forward)
  • Lightweight and flexible plastic means no headaches
  • Suitable for people wearing most glasses
  • Allows wearer to conduct personal interaction without visual impediment
  • Designed and made in the United Kingdom
 Freedom Masks
  • A durable and re-usable face mask designed for personal protection.
  • 5 layers of safety (synthetic & cotton).

– traps moisture

– keeps skin dry

– no headaches

– easy to clean

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