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Local Man Celebrates Recovery from Chronic Illness by Launching the UK’s First Cellular Exercise Studio

Hands up if you leap out of bed every morning full of the joys of spring?  Sadly, most of us instead accept feeling under-par with low-level aches, pains, fatigue, and sometimes more debilitating ailments.

Indeed, our recent times of restriction, worry, and lack of access to health and wellbeing support are acknowledged to have exacerbated many mental and physical conditions.

But one local man is on a mission to share his story of recovery from three decades of chronic health issues and his passionate belief that anyone else can achieve this.

Long term Lancaster resident Pete Marroni, 51, suffered a variety of chronic ill health conditions for 30 years.  Juggling a busy life and stressful job, like many of us, he accepted his symptoms as “just life”.  But, trapped in an exhausting cycle of pain without sustainable remedies, Pete was finally spurred to take action.

Investing every moment of his spare time into researching the physiology of the body and the effects of modern lifestyles, stress and diet, Pete was set on the path to an incredible recovery.

The breakthrough was discovering serious scientific research validating studies conducted as far back as 1932 at Yale University and more recently by NASA.  These reveal that human beings contain roughly 100 trillion cells and each cell is effectively a wet battery which obtains and holds a charge received from the core of the earth to all living beings. It is called “Schumann Resonance”, as every cell in our bodies contains and conducts an electromagnetic charge.


The demands of modern life disconnect our bodies from the revitalising natural rhythms and charges of the earth.  By combining Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) exercise, a non-invasive therapy, with healthy eating and exercise, Pete was able to fully restore his wellness, energy and fitness.  Now he’s passionate about making it accessible for everyone.

“While the holistic benefits of PEMF are recognised and approved worldwide, I was shocked by its lack of availability in the UK,” Pete says.  “Your cells get drained of energy and by gentle stimulation, PEMF reenergises these, allowing your whole body to do its job so much better.  A closely guarded secret, already used by elite athletes and A list celebrities, everyone should have access to it, without having to travel hundreds of miles like I did.”

Now a certified PEMF practitioner, Pete has invested heavily in a top of the range PEMF system from world leaders Pulse Centers, putting Lancaster on the map as the UK’s only ‘PEMFiT’ Pulse Centre.

Sessions are non invasive and there’s no contact, so Pete can work within the government guidelines, as it is Co-Vid compliant. Private sessions take place either seated or lying down depending on individual preference.

Pete adds; “It’s been a long journey, but one which I wouldn’t change, other than wishing I’d discovered PEMF decades ago.  My friends couldn’t believe my transformation, they say I’m like a real life before and after photo! Now I want everyone to benefit from it too.”

Find out more on Pete’s PEMFiT Facebook Page

Call Pete on 07544 761566



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