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Morecambe BID launches More-Cam

Morecambe Business Improvement District (BID) has had three web-based cameras installed on the top of Treasure Island at the bottom of Euston Road in Morecambe. The cameras, overlooking the promenade and the bay, are intended to give the world a window on Morecambe, its beautiful views and sunsets, especially now that we are the focus of so much positive interest with the ever-closer arrival of the Eden Project, and the commissioning of a second series of ‘The Bay’ ITV series.

John O’Neill, Morecambe BID Manager, commented: “The positioning of the cameras will allow people to share our world-class sunsets, enjoy the views over the Bay to the Lake District and even check what the local weather, and gulls, are up to. Additionally, with Morecambe increasingly attracting quality festivals, it’s a great birds’-eye view of what’s happening at any given time.”

Dr. David Jarratt, Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire in in the division of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management added: “New technology, such as webcams, allow people to affirm their connection with places where they no longer live or cannot visit as often as they would like. Landscapes and images, such as those provided by webcams, play an important role in sense of place i.e. our emotional connection to places. These connections are intertwined with our memories and our identities – where we used to play as kids, where we used to visit with family or partners etc.

“Therefore, webcams have the potential to elicit such a nostalgic reaction, which recent research indicates may be no bad thing and can even lift our mood. This may be more likely looking out to environments which seem unchanged, even unchanging. Webcams, when combined with the internet and especially social media, also have the potential to let people explore new places and enjoy the scenery and natural wonders, from seal breeding grounds, lava flows on Pacific islands to the famous sunsets of Morecambe Bay. Images have always been at the centre of places efforts to encourage visitors, and webcams are now a part of that tradition. One attraction of the webcam is that it provides a real-time, unfiltered, unedited an ‘authentic’ view of the place.”

The cameras were installed and are maintained by local IT firm, Hughes Info Tech, in Morecambe and you can use the inbuilt camera to take and save snapshots.

View More-Cam here


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