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NEW Proper Eucalyptus Hardwood Logs

Fuel Outdoor Adventures With Logs That Support Township Employment

Put a sustainable spark into your outdoor adventures this summer with a little help from the South African sun. Whether it’s camping, glamping or caravanning, wood specialist, Logs Direct, has just the product you need in the shape of its new Proper Wood Hardwood Logs, containing sustainably sourced Eucalyptus.

Naturally dried in the South African sun, these ready to burn logs have a moisture content of under 20% and produce minimal smoke – ensuring your leisure time in the great outdoors is enjoyable and free of unpleasant sparks and odours.

These new mixed species hardwood logs are a hassle-free fuel option all year round and are even more satisfying given their sustainable credentials.

The logs are actually a green-economy product, sourced via a great project based outside Cape Town. The project is all about helping to restore bio-diversity and build resilience at a local level and it all boils down to how eucalyptus trees are handled.

Eucalyptus oil may have benefits, but eucalyptus tree consume a vast amount of water and that eats up far too much of the natural water reserve. To safeguard local water supplies, the local government has set up an initiative to fell these trees and that then creates a lot of wood.

Proper Wood – with whom Logs Direct is working – is tackling the wood overload around South African townships, by supplying township residents with the tools that can turn wood into employment and tools opportunities. These communities are now chopping the wood into log-sized products and packing these in recyclable packaging for on-sale.

These ready-to-burn logs with a purpose are perfectly sized for small or large appliances, at approximately 25cm lengths. They are just as suited indoors, for a wood-fired log burner, as outdoors, for a firepit.

Their dense wood structure ensures an extended burn time, making them ideal not only for when prolonged heat is required of your wood-burning stove but also when the firepit will be in operation for a while. Once the sun goes down and a chill in the air sets in, you can huddle round to watch the flames flicker, with a warming drink and marshmallows for toasting, knowing you will stay warm well into the evening.

So, you can say goodbye gloomy times spent indoors and warm up your outdoor adventures, by ordering your Proper Wood Hardwood Logs at By buying these logs, you can support employment and better futures within South Africa’s townships.

Proper Wood Hardwood Logs are available to buy in weather resistant bags with carry handle, priced £6.00 per bag.


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