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Local advertising that brings results

We are a publication that relies on local people picking up our magazine; this ensures that each copy of the magazine gets straight into the hands of active readers who are interested in the local area and what local businesses have to offer. Your advert is going straight into the hands of those that want to engage with what they are reading. No copies are wasted and no publications put straight out for recycling. We know this because over the 15 years we have been producing Lancaster District Magazine, we have doubled distribution twice to keep up with demand.

Advertising your business in a high-quality magazine with lots of interesting articles offers numerous advantages. Firstly, our magazines are crafted with attention to detail, using superior printing techniques and high-quality glossy paper. This enhances the visual appeal of your advertisement and reflects positively on your brand, suggesting that your business values quality and provides excellent service.

Our high-quality magazines are taken into readers homes because we are a content-led magazine rather than a directory. People tend to revisit our magazines multiple times, keeping local articles for future reference or to show friends and relatives, giving your advertisement repeated exposure. This sustained visibility can significantly boost brand recognition and recall.

Our SHOP LOCAL pages within the magazine are unique to Lancaster District Magazine and showcase products to buy from local shops, this hugely increases sales and interest, making it easier for people to choose products locally rather than from online chains.

Another key benefit is the readership demographic. We attract a dedicated audience who actively engage with the content. These readers are typically more affluent, educated, and discerning, aligning with a target market that values premium products and services.

By advertising in our magazines, you are reaching potential customers that are more likely to have the interest and means to invest in your offerings.

When readers are deeply engaged with the content, they are more likely to notice and appreciate the advertisements within. This context of quality and engagement can enhance the effectiveness of your advertising, leading to better responses and higher conversion rates. By advertising with us, you are not just reaching a passive audience, but an active and receptive one, maximising the potential of your advertisement = bringing you more customers that are ready to buy your products or use your services.



We print 6 editions a year:

January | February – New Year edition  – Published

March | April – Spring edition – Published

May | June – Early Summer edition – Published

July | August – Peak Summer edition – Book now

September | October – Autumn edition – Book now

November | December – Festive edition – Book now


Keep your customers and attract new ones too.

If you are thinking of advertising your business in or around the Lancaster District, please give us a call on 01524 67447 or email [email protected]

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