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Ford Transit Occasion Camper

Lesiuredrive are no strangers to building on most bases but the latest Ford Transit is now a base unit that Leisuredrive will be using and that’s something Leisuredrive fans will be glad to hear.


The Transit has in years past been used by Leisuredrive but the new version is one of the best yet so Leisuredrive have launched their Ford Transit Occasion at last years NEC show to a warm reception.


The Transit was finished in frost white colour and as a pre owned base van was in very good condition, the Occasion will be built on new Transits and cost around the £44,000 mark for a well equipped camper van which we think offers great value in this competitive market. But Leisuredrive will build a new unit on a pre-owned van and that’s what we had for our test. Overall condition as stated was excellent and with the smart graphics the Occasion looks good even though no alloys were fitted.


The Occasion is based on Leisure Drives popular Vivante, a wise choice as this is a well designed camper van. The side entrance door sends you straight into the lounge area which will seat two with ease, side windows allows natural light in though they are tinted for privacy. A swivel table is placed in the centre for meal times and LED lighting ensures you’re never in the dark! The lounge makes into a double bed or twin singles for the sleeping arrangements.



Kitchen is placed on the rear nearside of the Occasion and comes with stainless steel sink and two burner hob which also has a grill / oven combination. There’s a 3-way 60-litre fridge too, plus this area is well light by LED lighting plus it’s a good size and offers excellent storage. Glass tops are used to add to the work surface but overall it’s well designed and is practical to use. Storage to has been well catered for and every inch is utilised well.


No washroom is fitted as such, but what the Occasion has is a discreetly stored away manual flush cassette loo. It’s ideal for emergencies with the emptying point being at the rear of the van inside. It’s nicely hidden away and yet is ready to use in seconds to access.



Driving the Ford is a real joy, it’s not VW but then it’s cheaper to buy and to be honest drives well. The popular Vivante styled Occasion will we reckon be a good seller for Leisuredrive buyers who want a new base vehicle and Leisuredrive’s camper van quality. This makes this example a steal at this cost and may mean that it may steal some sales from the Vivante though buyers of this model do like a VW T6 as the base. Good overhead storage and well equipped the new Occasion works out even new for £44,000 cheap to buy when you consider the quality of the Leisuredrive campervans which last many years.


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