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Kendal Alphabet Sculpture Trail

Tucked away behind a quiet residential street in Kendal lies the Alphabet Trail. A beautiful meandering walk through the Serpentine Woods that follow a trail of 26 outdoor sculptures that depict letters of the alphabet.

A will grow one day into a great tree.

B has the most beautiful wings you will see.

C has a name that means one hundred feet.

bounds through the trees on hooves fast & neat.

E soars up high on her powerful wings.

F can do wonderful magical things.

G is like a door. You may wish to pass through.

H is a bird and a fisherman too.

I clings to a rock- a good place to grow.

J can be heard in the Christmas time snow.

K is a toy that flies higher and higher.

must fly home. Her house is on fire!

M is a bird that’s half black and half white.

N is the home from which small birds take flight.

O is a bird much wiser than most.

P is a plump bird some like to have roast.

Q is a mark after words such as When, Where and Why.

R is a small pest with bright beady eyes.

S frightened Miss Muffet – might frighten you.

T a dark place that the train passes through.

U will protect you from any sharp shower.

V is well known as a shy shrinking flower.

W in the breeze make a beautiful sound.

X sweet music abounds.

Y goes up and down giving hours of fun.

Z the end… now your alphabet is done.



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