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Lancashire’s School for Deaf Children

As Lancashire’s only school purely dedicated to deaf children Royal Cross Primary School is a truly special place to learn. With communication as the key to its continuing success Features Writer Rob Bullock discovers what makes it such a special place.




Royal Cross Primary School in Preston is an outstanding school, and that’s official. In its most recent OFSTED inspection, the school which is exclusively for deaf children scored an impressive ‘outstanding’ for every single category, (Leadership and management, Behaviour and safety of pupils, Quality of teaching, Achievement of pupils and Early Years provision). Primary schools do not get any better than this.

But what makes Royal Cross such an outstanding place to learn? Simple. OFSTED says that ‘Royal Cross is a school where pupils and staff share a love of learning and pupils achieve outstandingly well. All the brilliant staff at the primary school have a total commitment to ensuring that every pupil has an equal opportunity to succeed, and progress whatever their needs and background’.

The positive learning environment at Royal Cross is enhanced by the brilliant behaviour of the pupils. OFSTED reports that the pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. The stimulating curriculum at the school has the benefits of motivating the pupils to want to learn, and this helps them have excellent attitudes to their learning.


At Royal Cross Primary School pupils are happy and confident because the supportive environment that meets their communication needs, so they are able to make great strides in their personal and social development. This support even covers days out of school, which are important to producing well rounded individuals, as pupils say they feel very safe in school and on trips out.

A visit to the impressive Royal Cross Primary School will quickly tell any visitor that OFSTED didn’t just catch the school on a good day, every day is a good day! As you walk around the school you will notice that there really is a positive energy not reserved for OFSTED inspections, around the corridors and in the classrooms where teachers and the children interact in a way not normally found in most schools.

Royal Cross Primary school has a bigger catchment area than most other primary schools – they take children from all over Lancashire. And because they have such a dedicated and well trained team at the school, all children are welcomed and are bound to progress.


Royal Cross Primary School has a long and interesting history. It was founded on a desire to do good and spread happiness. Mary Cross, a kind-hearted daughter of a local Lancashire farmer, established the school originally at Brockholes where it was a boarding school at Brockholes Brow. So impressive was the school that it was even visited by Queen Victoria during her Diamond Jubilee who allowed it to append the word ‘royal’ to the name. It moved to its present site in 1990.


“We believe ‘communication is the key’ to success and everything we do is geared towards developing language and communication skills,” says Head Teacher Bev Hennefer. “Our approaches are tailored to individual needs with signing and speech used in whatever combination works best for each child.” “Emotional wellbeing is a key area at Royal Cross and priority is given to nurturing our children’s personal development and welfare. We know that happy, healthy and safe children get the most out of school.”

Please see for more details of this outstanding school or call Beverley Hennefer on Tel: 01772 729705



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