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Lancaster green taxis to benefit from new charge points

  • More than £600K in funding to be awarded to local authorities in Lancaster
  • 24 charge points for ultra-low emission taxis to be created
  • Ultra-low emission taxis will help improve air quality in towns and city centres


Today (5 February) the government has awarded £630K to support ultra-low emission taxis in Lancaster.


Announced this week by the Future of Mobility Minister, the funding will be used for the installation of 24 charge points across Lancaster.


This announcement is another milestone in the delivery of the government’s Road to Zero Strategy and Future of Mobility Grand Challenge, which aims to take advantage of the extraordinary innovation in UK engineering and technology to usher in cleaner, greener journeys.


Jesse Norman, Future of Mobility Minister, said:


“The government wants all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040. Getting the right infrastructure and investment in place is a crucial part of this.


“Today’s funding will support almost 4,000 ultra-low emission vehicles across the country. It is a further sign that the UK is making real progress in the transition to greener transport.”



Richard Harrington, Automotive Minister, said:


“The UK has led the world in cutting emissions while maintaining growth in our economy.


“These new charge points for greener taxis will help accelerate a cleaner environment for people across the UK. This will also point the way for a better, healthier future for us all as part of the government’s modern Industrial Strategy which builds on the government’s long-standing partnership with the UK automotive sector.”


It is estimated that across Lancaster, 140 ultra-low emission black cabs and more than 200 ultra-low emission private hire vehicles will benefit from new charge points being funded by the government, supporting a shift towards cleaner, greener transport.



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