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Billy Arthur Walden Carpentry and Vintage sales



Billy Arthur Walden is an Award winning Carpenter, furniture maker and restorer. Based in the Morecambe and Lancaster area. He undertakes all furniture restoration, Carpentry work and has a passion for the restoration of Volkswagen LT’s. At 15yrs old he was the youngest person to complete a full campervan conversion completely by himself with no assistance, it was furnished to the highest standard and the quality of workmanship was so outstanding and unique it even impressed Mr George Clarke. So much so it featured on his programme Amazing Spaces. George called Billy ‘a talented but humble craftsman’ a legend and said that Billy’s work, ‘took his breath away!’. At 16yrs old he then went on to prove the quality of his carpentry skills by winning the Skill builds award the largest multi-trade competition in the UK.

Billy has now been accepted into the Institute of Carpenters (LIOC) at the grade of Licentiate in recognition of his achievements at Lancaster and Morecambe College; where he studied Carpentry and also with him gaining first place in the Regional Skillbuild Competition. The Institute also recognised the high regard for Billy expressed by his college lecturers and his referees. Billy is now a Licentiate of the Institute of Carpenters.

Billy then went on to be placed second in the Institute of Carpenters Competition. It was noted by the Judges that Billy had been at a disadvantage as he was the only child without tutor support or access to College facilities, this did not hinder Billy who still managed a prestigious second place with his hand made piece which he made solely.

To see Billy’s first campervan build  – (his amazing conversion from an old horsebox to a superb camper van), as seen on George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, please click on the website below. Please call on 07895 348836 or email [email protected]

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