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Emotional Health Coach

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What is Emotional Health?

It’s about our thoughts, feelings & behaviours which drive us on a daily basis & affect most areas of our lives.

Understanding our emotional health is key to our overall wellbeing & to our happiness.

Our outer world is often a reflection of our inner world.

The state of our emotional health changes as we experience different stages of life & as our situations alter.

What is Emotional Wellness?

A state of positive wellbeing where you are feeling balanced, energised & self-assured.

After their first coaching session, one of my clients recently said to me, “it feels like Spring, not just the weather, but I feel like I have woken up.”

What Happens in Emotional Health Coaching?

We work together for as many sessions as you would like to reach your desired level of emotional wellness with a blend of coaching techniques & positive psychology. In addition to working with you 121 on your personal (& completely confidential) plan, I will provide you with tools & techniques for life so you are able to continue with your personal growth beyond our sessions.

Some of the areas we can explore:

Your thoughts, feelings & emotions: raising awareness, identifying & understanding triggers, accepting & managing them for better results

Your positive energy power, how to raise it & work with it

Self Limiting Beliefs & any blockages holding you back

Mindfulness & an introduction to meditation

Connecting you with your gut instinct, values & purpose

Increase your self-esteem & resilience

Happiness – creating your joyful life!

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