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Peart Insurance



You are not a number.

Peart has been a leading name in performance car insurance for over twenty years. We specialise in Private Car Insurance, Classic car insurance, Household and many other areas and have access to very special schemes for insuring cars with high value and/or high performance and also high risk.

We underwrite our risks individually, taking into account factors such as experience, history, lifestyle, etc. Using these factors enables us to underwrite risks that would otherwise not be available from a ‘screen driven’ system. This gives us a competitive edge totally lacking from the automated call centre environment.

Call us on 0330 024 0167 for best rates

Non-Standard a speciality
We are happy to quote for clients with claims and convictions, for modified vehicles and for “difficult” occupations. Professional sportsmen are an example of an occupation that can have insurance problems; Peart are pleased to have schemes in this and other areas.

Second and further cars
In many cases we can give substantial discounts for second and subsequent cars, taking account of any no claims bonus earned on the first car to offer highly competitive rates.

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