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Thank you for popping in and HELLO, wow welcome! It’s an honour to have you here. I started my blog to raise awareness about Lyme Disease, chronic & invisible illness.

Using this space as a support hub, educating and inspiring myself as well as others along the roller-coaster journey that has become my life. I am hoping fellow sufferers can relate and find comfort from reading my blog. To find hope that we can still live and that we aren’t going crazy, we fight together – never alone. It is easy to become isolated and hide away, embarrassed by our failing health and not knowing where to turn. I have a passion for raising awareness not only to prevent others from suffering as I do but to inspire and help people who are suffering.

Despite the situation we must always aim to find the silver lining. I have always had a huge heart that always wants to spread as much love as possible and although my health has meant I could not live out the career in swimming as I had dreamt. I have to believe that everything happens for a reason and despite all the heartache and pain I have been through I am so grateful to fate for pushing me to face my fears, grow in strength, practise gratitude and find my new calling in life which is to HELP people! It is the one thing that gives me the biggest buzz, so here we are. You lucky souls get to see me striped back, raw, real and open.

What’s the aim?
To be grateful for EVERYTHING, never feel alone, always be positive and feel comfortable in the skin we are in! Which is a 100 times harder task when suffering with chronic diseases, as we have zero control over our bodies a lot of the time.
We must remember that true beauty can only be find in the heart and we are rocking our situation as best as we can to LIVE as well as we possibly can.

Remember we only get one shot. Don’t allow fear to cloud your memories, or health to become a barrier. Knock the walls down, jump into deep sea waters, nominate yourself for adventures, feel and experience love and find the strength to challenge everything so you can make a DIFFERENCE.

Many love always,

Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness Blog

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