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Something’s Hatched at The Lakeland Wildlife Oasis!

NOT to be outdone by the long-awaited release of 2015’s Jurassic World, the team at a Milnthorpe-based attraction have been working hard to unveil a labour of love of their own.

Anyone heading past The Lakeland Wildlife Oasis might well do a double take, as a life size model of a tyrannosaurus rex’s skull has recently ‘hatched’, having been added to the venue’s exterior, the skull – made from fibre glass and positioned on a stone plinth – has certainly been piquing the attention of curious passers-by.

The popular family attraction has been dubbed ‘a little zoo with lots to do’ and is famous for its two magnificent snow leopards and home to a host of critters and creatures. Now, thanks to its new dinosaur installation, charity founders Dave and Jo Marsden are hoping to pull in dinosaur fans from around Cumbria and further afield.

The one-off T Rex skull was Dave’s idea and was a fun yet challenging collaboration between himself and Jo. Sitting half-built in their garden for a year and a half, the impressive-looking model now stands proudly outside the Oasis.

Dave, who met Jo when the pair worked as zoo keepers at Chester Zoo, has a keen interest in evolution and science and knew the dinosaur skull would be a big draw for the attraction. The Oasis itself already takes visitors on a fun journey of evolution (from fossils and small insects through to birds and mammals) as they make their way around the venue, so it was a natural progression to delve into the relatively unknown world of dinosaurs too.

Nicknamed Lucy after the first hominin species ever discovered, Dave admits it’s been hard work. He said “The hardest part of the project was making Lucy’s teeth, as each one had to be set individually. Fixing the fibre glass onto the stone plinth was also a battle, taking over a week to get right. It was a case of all hands on deck to erect her as she is so heavy, but it’s wonderful to see her now in place and ready to greet visitors at the Oasis”.

For further information, please contact Jo or Jayne at The Wildlife Oasis on 015395 63027


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