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The latest technology by Robinsons Electric

Phil Punt, co-owner of local family run Robinsons Electric bring us the very latest in technology, whether you love the techy details or just like a tv that looks great and works, Robinsons are on hand to help from browsing to installation, a true local company since the 1950’s.

I recently had the good fortune to be invited down to Sony’s very impressive headquarters in Surrey again, to be presented with their range of new products and business strategy for the forthcoming year. It’s worth the long trip. Not only to get hands-on with the latest Tech but also to meet up with fellow Euronics dealers from around the UK and talk shop, especially as we now prepare to leave the EU and all that will encompass.

On arrival and waiting to start the tour of the demonstration rooms I was nabbed by the head of the mobile phone department who showed me why I should own a Sony rather than my current choice of a well-known brand. The displays were certainly very impressive, and I’ll certainly consider changing when the time comes. 

I’m a big fan of OLED TV for the very reason that if you set it up right, it really is the best picture you can get and let’s face it you don’t buy a TV for anything else. A minor irritation of the past has been that the smallest size available was 55” which for some, myself included, is too large. So the news that they are launching a 48” version very shortly was very welcome and what I saw of it was absolutely stunning. It doesn’t lack sound specification either. It boasts their Acoustic Surface Audio system. That is, the screen acts as the speaker which if you’ve never heard it before and because you can’t hear it on the internet, you really do need to come into the shop and listen to it. 



On top of that, it has Dolby Atmos for a truly multi-dimensional audio experience. It means you are unlikely to need an extra soundbar and I believe it will be in big demand from our customers. 

There are many technical and cosmetic improvements to the new TV range, and our Cumbrian customers will be delighted to hear that they include a FreeSat tuner on most models. 

We then moved on to their audio offerings that included the What HiFi 5 star awarded record deck, fabulous 7.2 channel Dobly Atmos AV Receiver and a very popular portable radio cassette. I was particularly impressed with the range of noise-cancelling headphones not just for their obvious attribute but the sound quality from even the base model was excellent.

Of course, Sony could not miss out on demonstrating their 360 Reality Audio. The sample tracks made me feel that I was right there at a live concert or recording studio. Keep an eye on Deezer, Spotify and other streaming audio providers as it gains popularity as I’ve heard they are all rushing to convert existing tracks to this format. 

To round off the day, the range of portable bluetooth speakers were shown to be very capable indeed, but when the demonstrator threw it in a tank of water, it certainly got my attention. It was perfectly fine of course being water, sand and dust proof. 

For more information contact us on 01524 34291 or 01539 733497 or visit our website


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