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Twin track for sisters who love Lancaster

Identical twins who are the first in their family to go to university say they have loved their time at Lancaster.

Laura Spencer has graduated with a degree in History and her sister Georgia in Human Geography after they both chose to study at Lancaster.

They have enjoyed their time so much that both sisters are staying on for a Masters.

Laura said: “We’ve loved it because there are so many opportunities to get involved in university life and there’s a real community feel because of the campus and the colleges with all the events they put on.  I don’t think I’ve had had that if I’d gone somewhere else.”

As well as mentoring and volunteering in a local school, the sisters are now Student Ambassadors helping out at the same type of university summer schools which first attracted them in Year 12.

Georgia said: “I didn’t know what a university but we had such a good time that we decided to come here – and now we’re involved in summer schools where we can tell school students how great it is at Lancaster  and why they should apply.”

The twins have followed similar paths through education and said it was an easy decision to stay together.

Laura said: “We both knew we didn’t want to go our separate ways because we are very close and we’ve always had each other to do things together.”

The sisters both attended St Christopher’s School in Burnley where they achieved the same grades at both GCSE and A Level.

At university, they are both members of Bowland College as well as living together on campus in the first year and then moving into shared accommodation together in the city centre.

Georgia said there are advantages to being a twin.

“We never got homesick because going together is like being at home so we felt we fitted in right from the start.”

They even share the same friends.

“We come as a package because we have the same personalities so if you make friends with one of us, you make friends with both of us.”


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