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Superb cuisine at Greaves Park, Lancaster

There’s so much more to Greaves Park than an impressive Grade II listed building surrounded by picturesque park land in the heart of our area beautiful district as any diner lucky enough to eat there will find out.

Less Air miles!

Food air miles are few and far between at Greaves Park as the team, headed by Lancashire born, bred and trained Chef, Dan Hunt, are committed to sourcing as many ingredients as possible locally.

“It’s very important to us at Greaves Park that we know where our food is coming from, and that’s for everything from the meat we use to the dairy we buy, to the ice cream we serve as dessert. Our ice cream supplier, Cool Cow Ice Cream are local and supply us with some fantastic flavours, including Christmas Pud Ice Cream and Pink Champagne Sorbet during the festive period!”

Something for everyone

Something of a dining experience no matter what your dietary requirement there’s something special to eat no matter what your preferences and requirement; “we do like to think that we cater for every taste and requirement and that we produce high quality, locally sourced food, that supports local producers and gives diners the peace of mind of knowing where their meal has come from. We’re sure that you can taste the difference too!”

More than a job

Creating special food at Greaves Park is definitely more than a job for Head Chef Dan and his second chef, Mark Thornley, who have been working together for more than ten years.

“It can be a long day, sometimes more than thirteen hours,” explains Dan, “I normally get in to work at about 8.45 am and will be prepping until 11.30 when people start arriving for lunch. Lunchtime is normally very busy but I try and take a break between 2 and 4 and then I’ll be back at 4 to do more preparation. We tend to be busy from about 5pm when people come in from work to eat and then we’ve got the A la Carte in the evening. I generally finish at about 11pm. It is a long shift but its more than a job to me and my team, who are fantastic to work with, it’s more like our passion.”

Field to plate ethos

“Our field to plate ethos is really important to us at Greaves Park and we really try and get as much as possible locally.”

As well as the meat, dairy produce and ice cream, Greaves Park uses Glasson Dock smoked fish and chicken, Morecambe Bay shrimps, the beer and cider comes from Lancaster as does the tea and coffee, “even our crisps are from Lancashire,” declares Dan proudly. An all-round exiting food experience that mostly comes from close to home awaits anyone lucky enough to visit Dan and his team at Greaves Park. “We look forward to welcoming you in the near future.” Dan and the team.


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