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Shop Local – Robinsons Electric

Image© Nick Dagger Photography

Phil Punt, owner of local business Robinsons Electric explains why shopping locally makes sense.

The next time you want a TV, sound system, recorder, cooker, washing machine or an electrical device, come and see us, Robinsons Electric at Lancaster or Kendal and get a better deal and after sales service.

It can be quite intimidating when you decide you would like a fancy new television or indeed any new electronic device. What do all these technical terms mean? Ultra HD, SUHD, Quantum Dot, 4K, HDR………What?! Thankfully Phil Punt, from Robinson Electric is here to explain.

Fortunately there are still some independent shops like Robinsons Electric that you can call in and get the answers, because despite the wealth of information available on the internet, getting an explanation that you actually understand can be hard work and that’s not to mention that looking at a computer monitor is no guide to the quality of a TV picture.

You just cannot grasp how impressive an Ultra High Definition movie is unless you see it for yourself. Then having done so, notice that the TV boasts a multitude of picture settings that at first sight are quite baffling – unless of course you happen to ask the very knowledgeable and experienced staff who are there on hand to explain all.

Panasonic call it “Touch & Try” – reflecting something you can only do in store but one thing they missed was also “listen”. Modern TV’s lack the range of sound that older ones built into a deep cabinet had which is all down to everyone wanting thinner and thinner models, but in place we have sound bars and boards to compensate. Now, how are you going to compare and listen to them sat at home?

But can small local shops really compete with the internet or national chains?

A lot of people think that being a small independent shop we cannot possibly compete with either the internet or national chains. Well, for most of the time we can because as a member of Euronics, the largest buying group in Europe, we have access to all the major manufacturers at extremely competitive prices. What makes us different though is that we deliver it, not just to your door or “room of your choice”, but we unpack it, install it, connect to existing equipment using the correct cables and then tell you how it all works.

We even put TV’s on walls at a reasonable price using brackets that don’t sag and fixings that ensure it stays there! Then in a few days time when there’s still something you are unsure about you can pick the phone up and speak to the same person who installed it and ask them what the answer is.




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