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Homeopathy Awareness Week

Each year, from the 10th to the 16th April, homeopaths, patients of homeopathy, and others interested in natural healthcare, come together to celebrate Homeopathy Awareness Week. 

Homeopathy Awareness Week is both a national and an international event. It provides homeopaths with the opportunity to organise a range of activities aimed at raising public awareness of the many benefits of homeopathy, a gentle and effective system of medicine. This makes it a really good time for you to find out more about what homeopathy is, who it can help, and where to find a qualified practitioner. It is also a commemoration of the birth date of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, who was born on the 10th April, 1755.


Dawn Keyse RSHom is our local homeopathic practitioner and is continuing to offer homeopathic support during this current health care crisis. Our NHS and GP’s services are stretched to the limit and therapists like Dawn can at the least offer a listening ear to her clients concerns about their own and their families health status.

As Dawn has over 25 years of experience as a practitioner of natural medicine and natural nutrition she can offer guidance and coaching in the field of self help measures and work with you to put together a sustainable and strategic plan that you can follow at home, utilising the best of the wealth of available advice out there on the world wide web. This can easily become a minefield leading to overwhelm without an individualised programme tailored to your specific needs.


Dawn is currently offering her consultations online using the best platform for you, be it Skype, What’s App, Facetime or the good old fashioned telephone. She enjoys working with those who have worked with her before, or have had a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague. It is important that you and your chosen practitioner are a good match and is someone who takes your health seriously. Once this health crisis has passed then Dawn will be pleased to resume face to face consultations at Dacrelands Clinic.


– Homeopathy is a natural and gentle system of medicine.

– Homeopathic medicines are prescribe according to the specific, individual needs of each patient.

– Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic, and rarely produce unwanted side effects.

– Homeopathy can be used by everyone, including babies, children, adults, the elderly, women during pregnancy and even animals.

– They can be used alongside conventional medicine and other treatments.




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