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Homeopathy isn’t just for hippies


We catch up with Homeopathist Dawn Keyse after an eventful week at Glastonbury Festival; treatments, mud, music, a cracked head and an ambulance ride!

As I type this I’m on my way back from Glastonbury Festival where I’ve been camping in The Healing Field and crewing for THC (The Travelling Homeopaths Collective) for a week. It took longer to reach home due to disaster striking. Do read on.

The THC is a charity that supplies homeopathic first aid at music festivals throughout Britain throughout the summer. Glastonbury is the biggest event with over twenty homeopaths giving their time for a free ticket.

We work a four hour shift each day from a fully equipped marquee and here are some of the acute conditions we list that we treat: upset tummy, bites and stings, strains and sprains, hangover, coughs and colds, emotional shock, earache, sleeplessness, sunburn. We didn’t see a lot of sunburn this year, however we did deal with many ailments from damp and mud.

We really enjoy the whole scenario and usually come back tired and happy. We meet people from all walks of life and of all ages who come to us for help because they use homeopathic medicine at home, because they want an alternative, because we just ask for a donation or because they are desperate. We spend 15 to 20 minutes taking the detail then prescribe on the spot. Sometimes we don’t get to hear the result, but often they will drop by and give us feedback, and we have many positive results.

Here are some of the conditions I encountered, the prescribed remedy and its keynote.

Ailment: Cystitis

Symptoms: Irritability, Burning sensation, Feeling fed up

Treatment: Staphisagria


Ailment: Hangover headache

Symptoms: Better if immobile, Needing to hold head steady. Sharp stitching pain

Treatment: Bryonia


Ailment: Torn muscles from fall in mud

Symptoms: Very painful first movement, Seized up

Treatment: Rhus tox


Ailment: Catarrhal cold

Symptoms: Teary, Sorry for self, Feels abandoned

Treatment: Puls

On the Monday I packed up my tent and belongings onto my bicycle and it was a massive slog to push through a couple of miles of mud to get offsite. I started cycling along the country lanes to get to the station and that’s where I came a cropper. I ended up heading to Taunton Hospital in an ambulance with a fractured clavicle and a big chunk out of my head and concussion. It’s amazing how much heads can bleed. Thankfully my son lives in Bristol and has a complete homeopathic kit. I’ve been on these remedies: Aconite, Arnica Bryonia, Puls, Rhus Tox, Staphisagria, Symphytum, Nat Sulph. There are all remedies that people would benefit from having at home in a little homeopathic kit of their own. Homeopathy treats the experienced state and symptoms and not the disease name. I’m pleased to say that I’m home now. Well on the way to recovery. Some way to go but richer for the experience.



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