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In-Person Meditation Classes resume in Lancaster

After one year of being closed to the public, Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre in the heart of Lancaster City Centre has now resumed in-person classes as well as offering a live stream option online.

The Kadampa Buddhist Centre is located on King Street and has been offering meditation classes, courses and retreats in their peaceful venue for the last 25 years. Throughout 2020 they have been offering classes and courses online meaning they have continued to help people struggling with lockdown during the pandemic. Now, in line with government guidance allowing for places of worship to open to the public, the centre is welcoming people to their venue again.

Their in-person events kicked off with a half day course on Sunday 21st March on Mindfulness at which there were 16 people in attendance, 9 in-person and 7 online. They are now opening their popular Tuesday evening classes in person too, with plans to offer more classes in the near future.

The teacher at Chenrezig Centre, a Buddhist Nun called Gen Dao who has been a practising Buddhist nun for over 20 years, said; “The classes we offer here can benefit everyone, you don’t have to be a Buddhist to attend classes or practise the meditations we teach here. The wonderful thing about Kadampa Buddhism is that it is not separate from our daily life. The practices of meditation and mindfulness can be integrated into our busy daily lives so that whatever we are doing or whatever challenges we face, we can learn how to keep a peaceful, happy mind. You don’t need to give up your ordinary life and go and live in a cave to be a meditator! This is modern Buddhism, and everyone is welcome!”

Their next half day course on Sunday 11th April is on Dealing with Depression. Gen Dao said, “Depression is a very common problem nowadays. It can affect almost anyone, at any time. When we’re suffering from depression we can feel deeply unhappy about our life, isolated and alone; we can feel powerless to escape from the painful feelings in our mind. On this course, we will explore practical methods to deal with depression, using insights from Buddhist teachings to understand its causes and to learn how to overcome it by developing and maintaining inner peace and mental strength. In this way we can find a happy and meaningful life.”

As well as helping with depression, meditation has been proven in many scientific studies to help reduce anxiety, curb addictions, and improve feelings of well-being and happiness. Meditation and mindfulness have risen in popularity over recent years and more people than ever are turning to these ancient techniques to try to improve their states of mind and happiness.

For more information about the classes at the centre or to book you can take a look at their website or follow Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre on Facebook.


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