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Is your home ‘winter ready’


Gutters, out of sight and out of mind, until they cause a problem that is. Blocked gutters and down-pipes can cause damp and structural problems to your property. If you see water flowing down the side of your house when it rains, most likely your gutters need cleaning. Most gutter problems are caused by a build up of leaves, moss and debris that prevent the flow of rainwater into the drains. Easy to fix when you call out the professionals, they can swiftly clear all debris from your gutters and pipes without causing damage to them in the process. If you can’t remember the last time you had your gutters cleaned, book now from only £40!


Giving your patio and driveway a winter clean will not only keep it looking fresh and tidy but will help stop it being slippery and dangerous, paving will often stay damp throughout the winter, causing unwanted dirt to remain slimy. Throughout the autumn, leaves will have fallen, moss-grown and algae built up. Power-washing your drive and patio will remove stains and clear off slippery debris and ensure you are not tracking dirt into your house.


Roof tiles can be prone to moss growth, lichen and build up general dirt and pollution, but does it matter if our roof looks a bit grubby? Dirt and plant build up on your roof can decrease the life of your roof by trapping moisture and causing decay of your roof tiles. Replacing a roof is a costly job running into more than £10,000 so looking after your roof will not only give your house a fresh look but will extend the life of your roof, saving you a fortune.


Carpets are subject to all sorts of dirt and grime, year round, as our carpets slowly get dirtier, sometimes we don’t notice, but move a piece of furniture, or lift a rug and you suddenly realise the difference in colour! What is really lurking in your carpets and will your visiting Christmas relatives really notice? Your carpet can be trapping airborne pollutants, dirt tracked in on shoes, bacteria, bugs, mites, food stains, dried skin and whatever your pet has on its feet (doesn’t bear thinking about!) Freshen up your carpets from only £80 for a whole house.

David Allen at Ultimate Cleaning has over 10 years experience cleaning local properties, call him for a quote today on 07989 908567. Carpets are on offer in December and Gutters throughout December/January.


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