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Lancaster Audiologist is one of first in the UK to offer the most high-tech hearing device ever.

A fitness tracker with brain tracking technology, real-time translation into 27 languages and smartphone connectivity may sound like futuristic gadget from Mission Impossible. 

But in fact, they’re just a few of the functions of the ‘world’s first’ AI-powered hearing aid that’s just gone on sale in the UK. And Lancaster’s Bhavika Chauhan from Tailored Hearing Solutions is amongst the first audiologists to offer it.

Combining such smart wearable technology with all the benefits of improved hearing, the launch of Livio AI – by Starkey Hearing Technologies – provides a desirable solution to hearing loss for the UK’s 11 million sufferers. Of these, six million would benefit from wearing a hearing aid and yet only a third have them – deterred by their stigma and appearance. Up until now. 

With wearable tech being named as the top fitness trend of 2020 – and the ear providing much more accurate data than the wrist – Livio AI is the first and only hearing aid that uses integrated sensors and artificial intelligence to track physical activity and cognitive health. 

Lancaster audiologist and Centre owner, Bhavika Chauhan, said: “The New Year is a busy time for us, with lots of people coming to us for hearing tests having experienced difficulty hearing over the festive period. 

“For many, social situations had to be navigated carefully, others experienced anxiety about seating arrangements and most found themselves missing out on conversations. Noisy bars, restaurants and parties are the worst environments for those with less-than-perfect hearing.

“With this in mind, Livio AI technology reduces noisy environments by 50%, whilst artificial intelligence optimises the hearing experience and its translation is compatible to Google Translate in terms of accuracy. 

“Other features include sensors that monitor body and brain tracking – detecting when a user is likely to or has had a fall and will alert their selected contacts – as well as heart rate with Apple® Health and Google® Fit apps. It also features Alexa connectivity, a dual-radio wireless platform for streaming of phone calls, music and media.” 

Hearing health is directly connected to overall health and well-being. Hearing loss has been linked to several chronic disabling conditions like cognitive decline, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and more. Dementia, in particular, presents an immense challenge as populations age.

“Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world around us,” said Bhavika. “This technology optimises users’ hearing experiences and enables them to continuously monitor and improve their overall health. Livio AI is so much more than just a hearing aid, it is a gateway to better health and wellness.

“We’re delighted that our patients here in Lancaster will be among the first in the UK to be able to enjoy the benefits of this next generation of hearing and health technology.”

To test your hearing click here. For further information on the Livio AI, visit here.


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