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Orienteering Event @Halton – Event Oct 17th

The Centre @Halton are delighted that they now have an orienteering map and are able to offer this activity to local residents. This is a great activity for families and all ages.

Orienteering is an exciting outdoor adventure sport which involves walking or running whilst navigating around a course using a detailed map and sometimes a compass. The aim is to navigate in sequence between a set of control points and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run, walk or jog the course and progress at your own pace.
There are many orienteering clubs up and down the country that run events throughout the year setting up different courses at each event but there are also permanent courses which allow anyone to complete a course in their own time on a day of their choice.
Launch Event October 17th

There will be a launch of the route at a special event on Saturday October 17th at 2pm at The Centre. We are very grateful for all the hard work of the South Ribble Orienteering Club in producing the map for our village. The Club’s website, has full details of the Club’s activities, including this event.
There will be a modest fee of £2 for adults and £1 for juniors to pay for the special map and a light buffet, and there will be prizes for adult and junior winners and special prizes for the first Novices back – male and female.
There is no official minimum age but anyone under 16 on 17th October must be accompanied by someone 16 or over throughout the event. This is because the area to be used includes several roads which may be expected to carry traffic moving at 30 mph, and the event insurers impose this age limit in these circumstances.
Anyone interested needs to register at The Centre from 1.30 pm, so that they can be ready to start on time and participants will be given an hour, from 2pm, to visit as many markers or sites as possible. So younger participants need to be able to jog or walk, continuously for this 1 hour time period.
Any queries can be addressed to Chris Roberts from SROC on email: [email protected].

Beacon Fell
Orienteering maps are available from the cafe in the Visitor Centre at Beacon Fell. There are White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners or Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience.
Williamson Park
Orienteering maps are available from the cafe at Williamson Park, which is NE of park near to the large memorial building and Butterfly house. There are White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners, Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience, Green colour standard or above controls available for experienced orienteers.

For more information visit South Ribble Orienteering Club at


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