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Plover Scar Lighthouse Walk

On the south edge of the Morecambe Bay near Glasson Dock, at the mouth of the river Lune sits a modest but beautiful Plover Scar Lighthouse. Built in 1847 it has seen better days but still makes an enjoable short walk along the coast to visit it and is the subject of many photos.

There is offroad parking, on the coast side of the road just before Cockerham Sands Country Park, opposite Bank House Farm.
A very simple to follow walk heading North along the shore. From the carpark, head North (right as you look out to sea) you will find a pathway that runs alongside the coastal wall. Many beautiful flowers can be seen along the way. Following the flat path you will reach an expanse of fields which afford fantastic views of both the coast, with the Lake District mountains to the north west and Lancaster with Ashton Memorial to the north east.
From this point it is easy to scramble down to the shore where many crabs, plants and shells can be found. Approximately only 1 mile from your car you will see the lighthouse, which at low tide it is possible to walk right up to its base. Be sure to check the tide times at











Thrift (Sea Pink) is a perennial wildflower that can be found on the shores of Cockerham sands, with grass like green leaves and flowering pink pom pom type heads from May – July. Sew in the autumn and the plant will germinate over the winter. They are great for attracting wildlife.

Did you know: The Thrift featured on the back of the British threepenny bit between 1937 and 1953.



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