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Thoughts on painting by Annie Southward

Painting is all about self-expression. Therefore there are no “rules”….apart from one….

The Golden Mean. This is the only rule I stick to, no matter what.
The rule says that any vertical or horizontal element in a painting should never be slap-bang in the middle, as that is not pleasing to the eye. It should be off-set to one side or the other, or nearer the top or the bottom. By approximately one third.
This is my rather simplistic description of a very well known theory of composition, used by artists for centuries. It will be nothing new to most artists.
Why exactly it is so much more pleasing to the eye I don’t know. But personally I can’t bear it if I accidentally end up with something in the middle !
Why not take a fresh look at paintings you have at home, or any you see around, and see if you agree ?

Annie Southward is a professional artist living in Grange over Sands. “I am a professional artist, living in Grange over Sands. I have painted many subjects over the course of my career, but now specialise in Scottish beaches, mainly those on Iona. Acrylic on canvas.”

I regularly exhibit at Milnthorpe Art Exhibition, Prom Art at Grange, and Grange Library. I can be contacted on 07787 226564. [email protected]


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