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Why go for tuition?

Robert Gibson from Gibson Tutors explains the advantages your children will have, by going for private tuition.


Why go for tuition? The short answer is that it works.

Since 1995 I have taught hundreds of pupils one-to-one, and a lesser number one-to-two, and, out of all these, those who did not obviously benefit can be numbered on the fingers of one hand.

This high success rate is not surprising, considering the advantages of the arrangement.  The pupil gets my undivided attention for the entire lesson; he/she can confide in me any particular difficulties with the subject or with learning in general; and I have the opportunity to personalise the lesson in accordance with the pupil’s individual needs in a way which no class-teacher, however brilliant, can possibly achieve.

Of course being in a class can have its advantages: the atmosphere, if it isn’t being lowered by un-co-operative pupils, can be elevated by input from good ones.  But after all, tuition is merely a second string to the educational bow; it is not usually intended to replace class, though I have looked after the needs of pupils who have been taken out of school altogether, because of agoraphobia or bullying.

It gives me huge satisfaction to help my pupils in the peaceful conditions of my own home.  I like to think that the variety of my clients stretches me as a teacher and thus in turn gives added value to the lessons.  A majority of the people who come to me are school pupils needing help with their GSCE Maths or English, but a noticeable minority are adults who come to me for various reasons, ranging from help with professional exams to tuition in Italian for the sake of communication with in-laws from Calabria or to make it easier to run a second home in Lazio!

Occasionally I am asked to tutor a subject of which I am largely ignorant.  Techniques which I used to prepare for Mastermind can be adapted to biology and chemistry though I don’t claim to be a science teacher.  And similarly because of experience in language techniques I was able to help a girl learn Portuguese for her gap year in Brazil.  Now she’s the fluent one and I have forgotten almost all of what we did – but the point is, she’s happy with the result!  I’m not so sure about the fellow who married a Russian lady and then asked me for help in learning how to speak to her – but I have my hopes…



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